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Finally - after many months without events, but with contact restrictions due to the corona pandemic, we were allowed to come together again for an excursion into nature.

Paddling is a tradition with us. And so we made again this year in June a canoe tour on the river Örtze from Wolthausen to Winsen / Aller.

A joint action that was a lot of fun for us and meant a lot to everyone.

This summer we were back on the river Örtze for our annual paddle tour.

We had a lot of fun and the weather was just perfect.

We are pleased that - subject to special guidelines - events can take place this year.

That was a colourful and varied year. A real highlight are the events organized by the Chriwa Group of Companies for all employees. And this is really something for everyone. Sometimes it's sporty when ice skating or wild jumping at the “Superfly”. And then the head is needed when exciting puzzles in "Room Escape" or on a thriller tour through the city have to be solved. Thanks for all the fun - we are looking forward to the next events in 2019.

On 16.06.2018 Chriwa Holding organized a summer party for all employees of the group of companies and their relatives. In sunny and warm weather, the families met on the company premises in Hambühren, to spend a nice day there with good entertainment and delicious food.

On 15.03.18 we had a visit of a business delegation from Ecuador, organized by the Renewables Academy (RENAC) in Berlin.

Thanks to our guests for the great interest in our work and our products.

Our annual paddling tour on the rivers Örtze and Aller. Both rivers are directly located near the Chriwa Headquarters and are a perfect location for sporty trips in the fresh air with the colleagues.

Our feet explore the "Barefoot Park" in Egestorf/Germany. Barefoot over grass, forest floor or also glass - a unique experience.

We, at Chriwa, attach great importance to a friendly interaction. We are convinced that a trusting relationship can only work, if you get along well also outside the professional everyday life. This is why we regularly organize leisure time activities, such as common canoeing in summer. Even the sporting aspect is not neglected in our joint activities. Many of our colleagues are running at the “Celler-WASA-Lauf”, which takes place every year in March.

Our sports enthusiasts runners call themselves "Crocodiles". Whether as a joint jogging session after work or a sports competition and participation in various running events - the "Crocodiles" take on any challenge. A highlight in 2017 was the participation in the Survival Run in Serengeti Park Hodenhagen. For 2018, the Survival Run is planned again, as well as a participation in the Tough Mudder in Hermannsburg.