Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH - Process-Visualization

Since more than 18 years we are providing our fully satisfied customers with the Chriwa Computerized Process Visualization/SCADA system based on the most modern and fail-safe IGSS (Inter-Active Graphical SCADA System). The basic software is customized with our own plant diagrams, comprising dynamic and interactive elements according to our customer’s requirements. Colour changes show the present status of the objects.

The system is a valuable tool for supervision of plant functions, measuring data, alarms and other events and for the full recording and evaluation of all data.

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Chriwa is an official IGSS business partner and system Integrator in Germany.

Key functions of the visualization system:

  • Visual and dynamic supervision of the plant functions and measuring data
  • Alarm and event supervision, actions generated by the system and user
  • Supervision of critical process objects
  • Testing tracks
  • Data and alarm recording

Data evaluation:

  • Curves and trends
  • Generating of curves during the operation
  • Generation of user-defined curves
  • Selecting of pre-defined curves
  • Time offset for individual trend values

Helpful functions of curves

  • Zooming, export of data in CSV-format, curves as mail
  • Multiple-objects in a trend-window with different Y-axes
  • Time-offset for individual trend values


  • More than 50 PLC-driver
  • OPC communication
  • Communication protocols (Comli, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, TCP/IP, GPRS)
  • Dial-up and radio link
  • Connections to ODBC servers, SQL servers and databases

Flexible alarm system

  • Historical and actual alarm lists
  • User can change alarm-points and limit values online (with/without password)
  • Locking of alarms of PLC or SCADA system
  • Maintenance alarms
  • Sending of alarms via SMS

Tailor-made- or standard reports

  • Easy report configuration
  • No programming necessary
  • Objects per drag-and-drop into the report
  • Generation of own reports in EXCEL
  • Using of any data source of the visualization
  • Generation of reports based on events
  • Data saved as XLS, PDF, XPS or HTML

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