Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH - Know How

Chriwa’s exclusive field of business is the design, delivery, installation and start-up of »tailor-made« plants optimally designed according to the project definition. Preferably on site an initial project analysis is carried out jointly with or customers to specify

  • which amount of water
  • of which quality
  • at which place

is needed at the different points of the whole process. Furthermore, the entire periphery is evaluated from the raw water sources up to the treated water use in the overall concept for the intended treatment. This ensures that the treatment plant is correctly dimensioned to cover the water demand at the required quality without problems arising from intermittent operation due to over-capacities. Water reclamation systems can be implemented to the maximum possible extent to save costs and to protect the environment.

The raw water source as well as the desired usage of the purified water, basing on the actual physical, chemical and microbiological water analysis, have an important impact on the design of the process technology. The raw water analysis is mostly provided by the customer. Should an analysis not yet exist, Chriwa can assist the customer by a basic analysis made in its own laboratory, if necessary complemented by an independent and accredited external laboratory for special analyses.

This also applies to the necessary control analyses after plant commissioning, which monitor and document the correct operation of the new water treatment plant.

Chriwa water treatment plants are equipped with several online analysis devices which simply indicate or register defined parameters or give an alarm if limit values are not kept. Via the PLC or a Chriwa process visualization the measuring devices can perform several automatic control, monitoring and registration functions.