Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH - Reduction of emission

Chriwa Water Treatment Technology GmbH is actively involved in the central challenge of climate change and pursues criteria of sustainibility in the entire value-added chain.

The Chriwa Group is committed to emission-friendly technologies, to reduce energy consumption and CO2-emissions, and takes into account a high level for water saving  upon design of water treatment plants.

Our technologies mainly include:

  •  Energy recovery systems for reverse osmosis plants
  •  Waste water recycling systems for multiple use as technical water
  •  Heat recovery systems
  •  Biogas production from organic waste, liquid/solid
  •  Our offices and workshops are heated with biogas-rejected heat as a replacement for fossil fuels
  •  Workshops are heated via solar/air
  •  Photovoltaics 304 kW/h
  •  Server waste heat recuperation