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Art & Economy

Since 2005 the Chriwa Group contributes to the cooperative exchange between business and culture and the artists of the cultural sector themselves. Under the theme “Business and Arts, ways of cultural communication”, cultural events are initialized regularly. For a few months, the artists are presented with their works for the public at the offices of the Chriwa group.

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The events are directed to the culturally interested public, employees, guests and business partners from all over the world. According to the patroness of the exhibition, Mrs Lizi Alexander Christiansen, all this does not only stimulate the daily life, but also the communication within the company, either among the employees and also with guests and visitors.

If somebody is interested, the work can be purchased directly from the artist.

In 2005 the series of exhibitions began with the first exhibition of renowned artist Christina Jehne from Großburgwedel/Germany, who is the owner of a painting school and also author of specialist books on different painting techniques.

In addition, image calendars have been created for business partners and friends. Examples can be found in our download area.

Currently, Chriwa supports several artists in galleries all over Germany.

For Chriwa, entrepreneurial success goes hand in hand with social commitment. We consider it as a matter of course, to contribute to society beyond the daily business activities. In this way, we support charities in different ways.

Meanwhile, it has become a tradition for us to support a selected charity with a donation instead of sending Christmas presents. 

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