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Formation of private company
Peter Christiansen Water Treatment Technology.




Moved from rented offices to own commercial and
production premises in Westercelle.




1980 smallLegal form changed to Chriwa Water Treamtent Technology GmbH.

Formation of a subsidiary company called CUSS (Chriwa Environmental System Technology
and Service GmbH)  to include a new branch of production, for decontamination and removal
of brownfield sites, harmful substances and biological waste water treatment.



To meet the requirements of an increased production volume new
premises were needed. With solidarity to the region of Celle, Hambühren
has been chosen as the new company’s location.


1985 - 1987

Establishment of an international distribution system.

Implementation of a comprehensive operating software for administration, production and construction (e.g. 3D CAD).


Upon opening of the eastern european markets the existing distribution system has been expanded,
personnel and production-related capacities were increased.


Formation of offices in East and South Germany and miscellaneous european countries.


Development of own operating data logging, process visualisation and electronic control systems.

A comprehensive controlling was established.



Taking over of miscellaneous companies and taking significant shares in companies to complete the product range.


The office building size increased by 30%. The production facility was almost doubled by installing
two new assembly and storage buildings with a working area of 3.000 m².


Formation of a holding company to control the miscellaneous company divisions.
Day-to-day almost 200 people are directly or indirectly involved in the success and excellent reputation of Chriwa products.


Luftbild 2009 smallFabrication of vessels outsourced to a seperate enterprise. For this purpose a new production hall
with 3,000 m² of available space has been built and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and
production equipment. At the same time the pre-assembly premises could be increased by approx.
30% (1,200 m²) which results in  an optimized processing time, especially for large plants.





At the end of the year Chriwa secured the largest order in the company's history from Latin America.
The project was completed and handed over succesfully by mid of 2014.



Nanz vor Eingang 2

Since 2016, Chriwa is present with a local branch in Thailand and serves its Asian customers from there. The branch is managed by one of our German employee with many years of experience in the Asian market.


2018 - 

To this day, about 200 people are directly or indirectly involved in the success and reputation of Chriwa products.


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